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Support Black Place-Making

So far I have been paying all the costs of maintaining the house and land personally. The land has also been cared for by generous free labor from my Black neighbors. I have been encouraged by my loved ones to be open to receiving larger support for this project so that it can be sustainable in the long term. Long term sustainability means, paying off the mortgage and paying down the taxes. Paying off the mortgage also frees us to experiment with collective models of land stewardship that are not anchored in non-profit structures. We are trying to avoid the non-profit structure because often managing the structure of the non-profit begins to supercede shifting communal needs.

Your financial gifts will support:

  • Pay off the rest of the mortgage - $84,000
  • Reimburse Black community members in Southern Georgia for the free labor they have performed helping me maintain the land - $15,000
  • Labor, seed, and tools to start a 3 acre instructional farm that would feed residents and provide free food to people locally - $20,000
  • Seed a food and supply fund that will support residents until we can establish a reliable food system in 2021. - $10,000
  • Convert the garage into a quarantine space to weave new residents into the do.deca.hedron with a attention to COVID 19 distancing protocols - $3000
  • Materials and labor for 6 additional cabins on the land to support expanding the residency - $50,000
  • Pay property taxes for the next 10 years - $25,000
  • Utility costs for the next 5 years - $36,000
  • Purchase tents and cots for emergency evacuation scenario - $10,000
  • Pay a 2-Year salary for part-time land manager-$50,000
  • Total: $300,000

    All the funds collected will be managed by me and collected in a personal bank account dedicated to this project and separate from where I conduct my daily living expenses. Supporters can keep up with the development of the land on our instagram: @do.deca.he.dron.

    Why Support This Project?

  • Do.deca.hedron is already enacting a shared vision for mutual aid and collective land stewardship. Paying off the mortgage and having a fund for taxes would protect that work from the machinations of the real estate and employment markets.

  • This project focuses on supporting Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) who are also Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Gender Non-Binary, Gender Non-conforming, and Intersex (LGBTQI+). LGBTQI+ BIPOC with 3 to 6 month renewable residencies and programming on farming, mycology, eco-architecture, visual and performing arts and Afro-indigenous through an abolitionist lens. This project weaves together mutual aid, food security, and healing and centers people who have historically been pushed out of formal sector employment, organized political movements, and welfare state prerogatives.

  • As the tide of fascism continues to rise, we will need more material spaces that support and nurture abolition as an idea and well as the minds, bodies and spirits of actual abolitionists. While the longer term residencies will be reserved for BIPOC LGBTQI+ people, the land will be available for programming and events with COVID 19 distancing protocols for people and groups focused on abolition. Please also support the Black led projects that have inspired do.deca.hedron! Visit Sojourner's Land and Soulshifting Retreats

  • Our location in Southern Georgia will be key for building relationships between BIPOC LGBTQI+ people in Georiga, Eastern Alabama, and Northern Florida.